Providence Mutual tailors our products and services specifically to our policyholders in the Northeast. We understand the cruelty of nature's storms, the impact of a bad winter, the challenges of congested streets, and the peculiarities of older building construction. We work strictly with independent insurance agents who can help you determine the proper coverage for your individual needs. You can report a loss or pay a bill 24 hours a day. When you need to talk to a person, we're here to answer a billing question or help settle a claim.

Providence Mutual is proud of our strong claims satisfaction ratings and the prompt and effective claims service we provide, even after a major disaster. Our employees and independent agents make us a great company with which to do business. We have prospered for over 210 years by commanding a solid financial base and robust capital surplus. As a result, we are actively growing and diversifying our book of business.

Providence Mutual is the oldest mutual insurance company in New England in part because we emphasize doing the right thing for our policyholders. We have a long history and bright future, and have cared for our customers through every conceivable type of disaster. Our policyholders have the peace of mind of knowing we will be here tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after....

A commitment is a guarantee to uphold a promise or financial obligation at a future date, a solemn vow based on trust, loyalty and reputation. Our understanding of commitment hasn't changed since Providence Mutual was founded, and is one reason we have thrived to become the fifth oldest insurance company in the United States. We honor these commitments to our policyholders every day, backed by over 210 years of meeting our obligations and focusing on the needs of our customers.

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